Travel and Tourism in India

Tourism has increased a lot in India and became one of the source for revenue. Not only India, Many companies are focusing on tourism and travel side to represent the country as a great and to earn some revenue.

The Ministry of Tourism, is the nodal agency for the formulation of national policies for the co-ordination of activities of various Central. Working in travel and tourism is an attraction option for many people, with the chance to travel and see many parts of the world, as part of one's. India's Travel & Tourism industry is booming and have become one of the prominent segments in the services sector of the country.  For the tourism Industry, India allows for Print Maps which are established on its huge altered all India data deposit.

 India, the wonderful land with hundreds of thousands years old culture, traditions and civilization, presents unity in diversity. Travel and tourism is not a new thing for people. Everybody is known and also knows how much big entire industry travel and tourism. No matter we talk about tourism in west Indian part, always main consideration coming for the point of hotel in India.  A beautiful hotel to stay in Kolhapur in the Indian state of AP, Hotel Tourist is situated at Station Road in New Shahupuri.

The Indian railways and irctc tourism is playing its role in building up the tourism facet of India.  In the future, the IRCTC is coming up with many programs to make a better India.